From the Principal’s Desk
            Please be sure to take the time to review your child’s the online reports and grades as we are already approaching our 3rd quarter midterm. If you have any problems getting into our grading program, please feel free to contact me.
Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for February 14th and are a very important time that can be used to discuss joys and challenges as they pertain to your child and also to review grades and test results with your child’s teacher. Be sure to contact your child’s teacher and set up an alternate time to meet if you are unable to schedule a conference on this date.
We, as teachers, appreciate all that you do and want to be sure that we are doing everything we can to help you.  We are looking forward to the time that we can sit down and talk with you about your child.
Volunteers Needed
On Friday, May 17, Salem’s Junior Choir, Cardinal Band, and Fifth Grade Ensemble will have the opportunity to participate in the Lutheran Schools Music Festival.  The festival will be held at Peace Lutheran School in Saginaw.  There will be about eighteen schools involved.  Each school is asked to provide a couple of volunteers to act as room monitors or runners to move judging sheets from performance rooms to the headquarters. The festival starts at about 9:00 a.m. and can go until 5:00 p.m. (usually most rooms finish before 5:00). If you, or someone you know, can do this for the entire time or half the day, please have them contact Mr. Milbrath on or before Thursday, February 7.  We need to submit names of volunteers with our registration materials which are due at that time.  If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Milbrath.  We are hoping to get volunteers other than band and choir parents, so they are free to watch their child’s performances.
            Thank you, Salem students and parents, for your first semester mission offerings. Students brought in $203 for the Pastoral Studies Institute at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.
            Our second semester mission is to Grace Hmong Outreach in Vietnam.
On December 1, 2018, our synod is launching a special synod-wide offering to support Hmong outreach in Vietnam. WELS has been invited by the communist Vietnamese government to establish a theological training facility in Hanoi, Vietnam, to train leaders of the Hmong Fellowship Church (HFC). With the Lord’s blessing, we pray that God’s grace is shared with the more than 100,000 members who make up the HFC and the 2 million Hmong living in Vietnam and the surrounding countries.The goal of the “Grace—Hmong outreach in Vietnam” offering is to receive gifts totaling $2 million by June 30, 2019, to fund the land purchase, building construction, and the first two years of operational costs for the theological training facility in Hanoi.
Our February chapel service is scheduled for next Friday, February 15th. Family members are welcome to join us for worship. The service begins at 8:10 am.
Salem’s PTO will meet on February 11th at 6:30pm in our newly renovated library. Childcare will be available for those attending the meeting.
            This month’s PTO sponsored popcorn sale will be Friday, February 15th.
No School
Friday, Feb 8th for the MLS Boys Basketball Tourney
Monday, Feb. 18th for Presidents Day
Monday, Feb 25th for Pastor/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences
            Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled this month. We have a half day (11:30am dismissal) on Thursday, Feb. 14th.  All conferences will be held on this day.  There will be no Owosso Public School bus transportation this day. 
Feelin’ Good Mileage Club
            Just like last year, you must sign your child up for your child to participate.  Please go to to register.  Registration begins February 1st.  You have the entire month of February to register.  The deadline for entry is March 4th.
We will have as many days of mileage walks as we can get helpers.  Please think about setting aside some time to help the kids get healthy.  We generally do this after our lunch hour.  About 12 noon until 1pm is the time commitment.  We love to have grandparents and church members help as well!  We will send home a sign-up as spring approaches.
            Pine cars are available in the school office for purchase.  ($4 for regular - $6 for precut.)  Please remember that in order to participate, you must purchase one of our Pine cars and use the guidelines in the handout.  There have been cars disqualified in the past due to these issues. You must put the weights on your car yourselves. The Pine Car Derby is scheduled on March 16th at Salem School.
            Salem will be holding its 1st annual pre-race pine car workshop on Saturday, February 23rd from 1-4 in Salem’s gym. We’ve assembled some volunteers to assist you to cut, sand, assemble wheels, and paint (if time permits).
This month’s ice cream sale will be Friday, February 22nd at afternoon snack. 
            Winter Campout Feb 9-10th. (Permission Sheet Attached *For Pioneers Only).
            Pioneer Skating Party Rescheduled for Tuesday, February 9th 6:30-8:30. (All students and parents are invited to attend. Pioneers are free, other students, siblings, and parents are $4.00 each).
School Closings
            In the event of a school closing due to inclement weather, tune to WJRT channel 12, WNEM TV-5.  We will be closed if Owosso Public Schools are closed. You may also check any of these television channel’s website for this information.
*; *       
            In the event of a delayed start, we will also delay and WILL NOT have kindergarten.
Please do not call the television station or the school office for school closing information.
Kindergarten Round-Up
            Salem’s Kindergarten Round-Up will take place on Tuesday, February 26th at 6:30pm.  Word of mouth is the best advertising tool for our school. If you know a family with kindergarten aged children, please tell them about us and the good work we do here, and then invite them to our Kindergarten Round-Up.
My Coke Rewards
            Do you or family members/friends drink Coca-Cola? How about PowerAde? Save those bottle caps and codes from the insides of multi-packs for Salem! They’re worth CASH for our school. (5 cents per cap, 15 cents for a 12-pack code, and 30 cents for a 24-pack code).