Owosso's Best Kept Secret

      First and foremost, Salem is a Lutheran grade school. We strive to teach God’s message of
salvation in its truth and purity. Our chief objective is spreading the Word of God to as many souls as
possible. One of the ways we carry out our work is to continuously provide our students with the best
tools possible for reaching their next steps in life.
     Former Salem students do well in other schools after they graduate from Salem; they frequently
excel in curricular and extra-curricular activities. The relationships that are built at Salem are long
lasting. One recent example of this took place when two former Salem students, who attended
Owosso High School, nominated their former teachers from Salem for the Starfish Award, which is a
testament to the impact the teachers can have on our students.
     Salem offers numerous academic and extracurricular activities in which students can grow.
Please browse the rest of our website to view the many opportunities available to our students. Not
only do students learn in time-tested traditional methods, but they also utilize interactive white boards
and tablets in every classroom. In addition, our students have access to learning apps and websites that
can be used at home and school. Because of the class sizes, the children receive individualized
instruction and benefit from learning styles tailored to fit their needs.

     Salem has five classrooms. Our preschool and kindergarten meet separately and are in their own
classroom while the 1st - 8th grades have two grades per classroom. Some of the many benefits of Salem’s small student population are the peer-to-peer learning that takes place in the classroom and the
positive interactions between the upper and lower grade students. It is not uncommon to see eighth
grade students reading to first graders, a seventh grader leading a second grader down the hallway, or a
large game of kickball spanning many ages taking place on the playground.
     If a Christ-centered, quality education in a safe and nurturing environment is what you seek,
take a closer look at our Salem Lutheran School. We offer an environment in which personal
relationships with your child’s friends, their parents, teachers, and coaches are the norm rather than the
exception. Feel free to explore our website more, or contact us for more information so we can
schedule a visit.